R. Rob Brown


Leading by Example
A father and business owner with a world class passion for helping others

R. Rob Brown is President and Founder of World Class Vacations, but more importantly father of three talented and compassionate children.  When he moved to Bucks County in 1992 with his young family, Rob instantly became involved in charitable initiatives.  He was interested in making a difference in the community and St. Mary Medical Center was a natural fit.  Rob feels St. Mary Medical Center is the hub of the community, since it’s an institution that serves everyone.  Rather than looking at St. Mary from the outside he decided to get involved from the inside to assist in making St. Mary one of the top hospitals in the country.

At various events, Rob heard from the medical staff about the advanced patient care and services they provided.  The passion and commitment was contagious and affirmed this was the right place for him to get involved.

Through philanthropy, he contributes in bringing world class state-of-the-art health care to Bucks County.  He is only one person, but hopefully his example can set the stage for other people to become engaged and active at St. Mary Medical Center.  Through his association as an Ambassador Circle member, he has had the opportunity to get to know physicians, nurses, and senior staff at St. Mary and hear their stories of the impact philanthropy has on direct patient care.  Whether it is through advanced technology, state- of-the-art equipment or updated facilities, he feels his contribution combined with other like-minded community members impacts patient care.

“I have come full circle.  I started by supporting St. Mary to make a difference and elevate the delivery of healthcare from the inside.  I now realize I have been the one to benefit.  The personal satisfaction and heartwarming feeling of being a part of an institution that helps so many people is not only rewarding, but also a great example for my children to get involved in community service.  It makes me so proud to be connected with St. Mary Medical Center, a beacon of hope and healing in Bucks County.”

In addition to his support of St Mary Foundation, Rob is active in Newtown Rotary, a service organization supporting local charities.  Rob’s company also has a long history of sending terminally ill children to

Disney World each year at no cost to the families, as well as supporting many children around the world through the Child Fund Foundation.  Rob’s association with the Bucks County Association for the Blind

is another way he helps children through his funding of early childhood detection of vision impairment.  The common theme is helping kids and creating lifetime memories, that is the focus of Rob and his dedicated and passionate employees at World Class Vacations. This dedication to others is the catalyst for his involvement with St. Mary Medical Center.

“It makes me so proud to be connected with St. Mary Medical Center, a beacon of hope and healing in Bucks County.”


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