Kyle & Ruthann Cloman

Sparks Ignite Giving for Bucks County Native Clomans foster community growth and economic development

In 1975 Jim Cloman, his two sons and two partners started a steel fabrication company in Tullytown PA. In a 3500 square foot warehouse, a dream was started to own and operate a community based business. But life has a funny way of unexpectedly changing course. Less than two years into the business, Mr. Cloman bought out his two partners, suffered a heart attack, their biggest client declared bankruptcy, and one of his sons moved to Wyoming. That left 19 year old Kyle Cloman with some serious decisions to make.

His accountant and friends told him to file for bankruptcy and walk away. Instead Kyle struck a deal with creditors and worked off the debt. In eight months the debt was paid and Kyle owned Waste Gas Fabricating free and clear. He was now ready to rebuild his family’s business in the community where he grew up. But first he focused on a different kind of partnership. Kyle and Ruthann married in 1982 had two girls and began building their life together and nurturing the fledging company into a local economic engine.

The Cloman’s made a conscious decision to stay in Bucks County. They were approached to sell or move, but recognized an opportunity to provide good paying jobs in area where they grew up to allow extended families to stay intact. Holding their ground they put family, community, and local economic viability first. Now 35 years later they have 90 employees, working in a 75,000 square foot facility. Looking towards the future, Waste Gas Fabricating is ready to expand over the next few years to build an additional 45,000 square foot onto their facility adding 15-20 new jobs. Commitment to community, investment in their company and employees plus a promise to customers to provide a quality product is what separates Kyle and Ruthann Cloman apart from others in their industry. It’s those core values that also connect them to St. Mary Medical Center.

“We appreciate the dedication, focus, and attention to detail St. Mary shows in the way they serve the healthcare needs of our community. As business owners we take great pride in strategically positioning ourselves for the future. We see St. Mary take that same approach.”

Both of their daughters were born at St. Mary, and St. Mary is their hospital. Helping to support it just seemed like a natural thing to do. The Clomans believe civic involvement in their community is vital to improving the quality for everyone. They feel giving back to make their hometown a better place to live and work is important for their employees to see. Whether their involvement with the Bucks County Technical High School mentoring young apprentices or with the Center for Workforce Development educating the next generation of Steel Fabricators, the Cloman’s want to help foster community growth and economic development.

Over the span of 40 years, Kyle & Ruthann have seen growth and change in Bucks County. They have witnessed the expansion and continued investment in resources St. Mary has made in the community. “We feel like we have grown together, each organization caring for the community in a different way. We value what St. Mary does and we feel it’s important for us as business owners to support the hospital where we, our employees and their family goes for care.”

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